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Sugar or Salt Scrubs

Salt Scrub is ideal for buffing away thick, rough patches of skin like calloused elbows, knees and feet. Salt also has has many healing and antiseptic properties, which can kill bacteria and reduce inflammation. Use it on dry and rough skin for an invigorating glow, followed by a shower and a relaxing massage.

Sugar Scrubs are best for people with sensitive skin and they’re also preferable to use on the face instead of salt scrubs, since coarse salt granules can irritate delicate skin.




Bikini Wax $45



Half Leg $45



Full Leg $55



Back Wax $50



Brow & Lip $17



Nose Wax $12




EpilFree is a professional system developed in Europe taking two liquids used in tandem after waxing (or other method that removes the entire hair follicle from the root) to gradually reduce and stop further growth of hair in the treated areas.

•World leading cosmetic biologist
•Has created beauty products for over 30 years
•Worked with Estee Lauder , Lancome, Christian Dior & Cristina
•Holds numerous patents
•Received many accolades for contributions to the beauty industry
Dr . Konis created Epilfree at the request of his wife, a top esthetician, who was frustrated with the limitations of permanent hair removal using a machine. While nearly everyone who visited her spa had unwanted hair that they wished was gone for good, about half of her customers could not or would not use IPL or LASER IPL hair removal machines. Over one third of her customers could not use LASER due to their skin being too dark or their hair being too light. As IPL and LASER use light to generate heat in the hair shaft, only people with hair significantly lighter than the skin could remove hair this way without risk of burning, discoloration and even scarring. And those with tanned skin or tattoos were out of luck as well, as the light
would heat the darker skin. For another 15-20% of people, LASER hair removal was simply not worth the risk. For the half of the population who are good candidates for LASER.
How much does EpilFREE cost? Each client has different needs and requirements. I offer a free
in-person consultation to decide. I can tell you it’s much
cheaper than laser , and safer as well.